Membership Pro has URLs access settings plugin which allows you to restrict access to any pages on your Joomla site. You can still allows them to see the links to the page and click on it (maybe create menu items to link to these pages). However, when they click on the link to access to that page, they will be redirected to the plans list page which ask them to sign up for plans before accessing to these pages.

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Demo Testing Accounts

Paypal Sandbox

If you use Paypal as payment method, please use the following Paypal test account to login and make payment when you sign up for the plan:

If you use as payment method, use the test credit card number below to make payment:

+Card number : 4111111111111111

+Card Cvv: 123

+ Expired date: Any future date

Subscribers account:

You can also login to the following subscribers account to access to restricted resources which only available for subscribers:





Users Login